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Think of this as safe space where you can share your story with no judgement, just empathy.  If you've listened to the album and it sparked a story in you that you'd like me or  others to know about it, please reach out. 

You are not alone.

It's especially important to remember that right now. 

Any harmful messages will be not be considered. 

Thank you for sharing your story with me. I will be in touch!

The Stories Begin;

Our first story comes from TikTok:


"I came back to this so many times...kept waiting to see what others would write.  Maybe a bit of my story could help someone else know they aren't the only one feeling lost.  My hustband died two years ago this December.  I have an 11 year old son.  My twins "graduated" this past June and moved out and on with their lives.  I'm still here...a shell of the person I used to be.  I hardly ever get out. of bed.  My son has Epilepsy that triggers seizures if he gets a temperature over 101, so because of COVID he can't go out much.  It it weren't for him, I'd choose to leave this world.  I feel like I've emotionally abandoned my body.  Everything feels heavy and suffocating.  My story is complicated and sad and I'm so tired of fighting.  I would never leave my babies with that kind of trauma, so I usually end up resenting them.  This is my truth.  I'm human, I'm broken and I'm alone.  I don't care to be Mommy shamed or be given bs phrases like "this too shall pass," because it isn't.  Im holding onto a life that has already left me. 


My response:


Your presence in this existence matters to me.  You are going to see something on the other side of all of this that will make getting up not seem so futile.  It will shake you to your core.  You will wake up from this nightmare.  I would say to you that loving and forgiving yourself for any guilt, shame, or resentment you may be holding onto.  Holding your story in my heart. You matter to me mama!  Even when it's impossible, don't give up!  Sending all the love I can to you. Giving you the biggest of Mandy hugs. This is an impossible time with what seems to be more challenges every single day.


Their response:


"When I woke up to this today, I sobbed uncontrollably.  Know that you made a difference in my life right now.  I look forward to that hug in person."


Someday my friend, someday.