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Album Artwork: Kady Woods

This is a collection and reflection of my own personal experiences.  

No material is intended to offend or hurt anyone. 

The purpose of this album is to reach people on a meaningful level. I wanted to highlight some of my own important and impactful moments and music has always been the perfect source of expression for me. The beginning of the album will feel uplifting and promising and immediately the other tracks will shift and shed light on the darker side of where our lives and minds can take us. It will take you on a journey you might not have expected to take. I am hopeful that this music properly emotes the experiences depicted in each song and that it helps as many people as it can, while also not being too painful to listen to because of its content. So often we can feel isolated; I would like to help ease those feelings for anyone who needs someone to listen, even if it’s only for a few minutes. In terms of what kind of audience I think will appreciate it, I’m hoping that with the versatility within the music, that it will be appealing to a wide range of listeners.

After the album has been fully heard, I hope the listener has experienced:
Inspiration to start own their inner journey
Validation of emotional and personal connections to the stories
Passion and love for all of humanity, not just their own
Courage to truly self-reflect, Courage to be yourself
Peace, because after all is said and done, all you need is peace, love, and rest (and corgis!)

This album will also reflect on many challenging aspects of living in our modern society. The emotional disconnect in a digital universe has been something that I’ve had to learn to remove myself from in order to really stay connected to this project. I made a point this year to limit my time on social media was and it was incredibly helpful, allowing me to focus and access many areas of inspiration that guided this album’s direction. Because this music is designed for deeper interaction, it might catalyze change and social transition.

Finally, this collection will also bring up some even harder points that we face in our current social climate. Far too many truths are untold because of fear of what may happen to them by sharing their experiences. Revealing a few of mine is a risk I’m willing to take if it will help someone else in the long run. I’d love to see this album shared with any crisis services available, “20 Years Ago” could be used for the Human Rights Campaign or Trevor Project to support my LGBTIA+ Commuity. I’m also taking a huge risk by being truthful about how our American society has become completely reflexive of the Holocaust the further we regress in our nation. I can only hope that all of this will only be a blip on our radar, but with everything that has transpired, especially since our election, it has given me the drive to continue writing albums like this one. I won’t wait twenty years to write the next one.  

Producer/Engineer/Instrumentalist/Genius: Dominic Lewis
"How Can You Know" - Madison Tyson - Soloist
"Anne Frank" - Anna Baskowski - Soloist
"With Me Every Day" Jovanni Ruggiano - Rapper / Destiny Pezzuto - Soloist
"Until the Dawn" - co-written with Helene Kasper - soloist
"Falling Slowly" - Kimberly Rose - Wonderful Wife & Duet Partner

"Belle & Who We Were in Your Eyes" - Timothy Burns - French Horn

"Twenty Years Ago" - Marina Connor - Acoustic Guitar

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So honored to have been featured as a soloist in the

Dear Evan Hansen Virtual Choir!

You'll see me at 0:36! 

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Here is a collection of recordings from Berklee, some fun covers, community events, and most recently, originals for my Masters in Songwriting program at Bath Spa University. 


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