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"In tune with her students..."

- Rena Finch , Northfield Town Newsletter

"Illustrates to young performers the power of inspiration, creativity and originality."

-  Brattleboro Reformer

Mandy earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music.   Her degree focused  n performance, songwriting, education, and entrepreneurship.  They had the opportunity to intern at Warner Chappell/Warner Brothers in Nashville, Tennessee during her final semester of college where they experienced the inner workings of songwriting and publishing through a renowned record company.

Mandy began her music studies on the piano when she was seven years old, through the instruction of  Maribelle Hare of Pittsfield, whom she studied with for eight years. “I want to continue teaching and doing my best so that others can enjoy the gift of learning too.  Students who do their best help me to do my best too.” - Maribelle Hare


While she attended Wahconah Regional High School, Mandy was fortunate to find two instructors, Neil and Julie Freebern, who worked with her both in the classroom and privately. Because of the professional networking that Julie Freebern cultivated, Mandy was able to participate in performances the Paul Winter Consort’s Earth Mass in New York City as well as several symphonic and orchestral events.  She auditioned and placed into the Western Districts Chorus receiving the 2nd highest score in her district leading them to place into the Massachusetts All-State Chorus. Her senior year, she placed again in the district and all-state chorus, eventually leading to her being a part of the first all-state group to perform at the Boston Symphony Hall. They received their Berklee acceptance letter right after that performance.  Through the constant mentoring, professional exposure, encouragement, and training, “I would not be doing what I am doing today without her instruction, guidance, and support for my musical career.” (she's in my photo gallery!)


After college, Mandy returned to Berkshire County, teaching private lessons all over western Massachusetts, and after three years she moved over the mountains into the Pioneer Valley to begin a career of choral direction for public schools.  When she first entered Pioneer Valley Regional School, the choral program had roughly 25 singers in a school of close to 600 students. By year two, more than 125 students had enrolled. She set the precedent that once you enter the choral program, you are committed to excellence, and that wasn't just about being good at music.  “I was so lucky to work in an environment of such talented and gifted students and with the most inspiring group of humans I have ever encountered. I hope to see the traditions and enthusiasm continue, and I am hopeful for what the future brings to the program and community I cared for so deeply.” ("With Me Every Day")

Since the fall of 2017, she refocused her musical journey back to songwriting. She studied and earned her Masters in Songwriting from Bath Spa University located in Bath, UK.  Their final project requires an album completion, something that had put on the back burner for a long time.  "It took me twenty years to complete this one.  I won't wait so long for the next!"

Mandy completed her Masters of Songwriting from Bath Spa University in February of 2020 and flew to London with the accompaniment of her wife and mother for their graduation ceremonies.  They had all just flown back from the UK and only weeks later, the entire world shut in due to the corona virus outbreak. There were many plans to come with this album in 2020; live performances, release celebrations.  "It is starting to gain some attention through my social media outreach. I'm excited to see where it goes with the continued effort."   

Currently Mandy is focusing on booking as many live performances that they can to promote their music.  She is also always offering private instruction to any growing creative person ready to begin their journey.  "Music is what saves us, it keeps our hearts and spirits alive. I think we could all use a little help to continue creating."